Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Starting Again, Oblique

I continue to love the Oblique pattern. I had a hard time with the lace, as usual, until the elbow of the first sleeve. Then it clicked! And I didn't need to read the pattern for every row anymore. Such satisfaction.

But when I got about 3/4 done with the sleeve I hesitated. It is really large. I'm worried about the sleeves being too bulky. They are twice the thickness of my arm. And I'm not a twiggy girl. Baggy sleeves might be cute on tiny women, but I think I need to try to be sleek.

So... I'm starting sleeve #1 over again, removing most of the seed stitch from the edges (underarm). This will make it knit up much faster and I won't feel baggy in this comfy sweater. I hope this is the right move! I'm worried about how I will get the stitch count right for joining to the shoulder... but I'll cross that bridge in a few weeks when I'm ready and I've read up on some Raglan shaping advice.

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Trish said...


What a buzz kill to have to do a sleeve over again. That cardigan looks like quite an adventure to knit. I'm pysched to try your Bramble scarf for Xmas presents. It does seem like the perfect guy gift. I'm glad you left (my very first!) comment on my blog. Now I have discovered yours!