Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby Buddies

Knitting for babies is new for me. But dear friends are having babies left and right! So my first adventure has been knitting for the new born twins of a friend from work. I started out with berets for the little girls... but they seemed too small. So I found some toys that I knew would fit.

These Blanket Buddies are knit from Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora. It's a nice soft, but strong yarn. And the angled blanket part is very easy to knit. Then you knit the head with double knitting so that you have a pocket. I stuffed it with cotton batting. My favorite part was the bunny ears. The pattern is pretty cute, giving subtle shape to the floppy ears!

But my friend doesn't want matching things for her babies, so I needed to make something different for the second toy. I was on my own for the ears. And it shows. The bear (?) ears are a little blocky, and they are finished pretty poorly. Hopefully Isabel will gum that ear out of shape pretty quickly and no one will know that it wasn't knit too well! :)

This is my first attempt at toys and I had no idea how to add details to them! It took a lot of experimenting, but it was fun. I had a bunch of embellishments from the fabric store that I scrambled through to find eyes and mouths. The bear's eyes are a little strange... they are from a 60's style pattern trim which I thought was pretty cool. My friend is pretty funky, so I don't think she'll mind the odd expression on the bear. I couldn't find an elegant solution for the mouths... so I opted for noses instead!

This was a good motivator to take some crochet lessons.

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Trish said...


Wow - as the mother of twins myself I have to say how cool it is that you went to all the work to make separate gifts. I usually stick to hats for baby gifts, so it's nice to see something else. My college roommate is pregnant and I think this sort of thing is just what I'll make for the new little one. BTW: Nice Flickr set.