Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oblique on the Caltrain

I was inspired by something Brenda Dane said on a podcast a while back (I'm behind on all my podcasts). She was talking about Elizabeth Zimmerman and remarked on how lovely her writing was, especially because EZ writes about her knitting life, or her life in knitting. So I woudl like to try to write posts that describe how knitting exists in my daily life. It does play a large role.

This month I am commuting up to my company's San Francisco office by Caltrain every day. I try not to drive, PRIMARILY so that I can have the time to knit. It's about 40 minutes of knitting time, and I can be focused, so I take a complicated project. Right now (and probably for many years to come) I am working my way through Veronik Avery's Oblique. It's such a beautiful cardigan with lovely, structural lace panels.

I'm not great with lace, so I am concentrating very hard to get it right. The 8 inches I have completed on the sleeve here have taken me 1 week. I started with the sleeve so that I could feel in control of the lace patterns before starting the body. I'm glad I did. The sleeve is small enough that I can get the rhythm of the laces, without the stress of making it across 100 stitches. And my confidence is building.

I imagine that this sweater is going to be something I wear for years. Classic color, classic, durable yarn and a classic (not trendy) design. So it's okay if it takes me years to complete.

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