Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is knitting your casual gaming?

Casual games are hugely popular but underrated. Think Solitare or Mind Sweeper, if you owned a desktop computer in your life. But studies show they are "anything but casual." They are an escape from a hectic day, a way to relax and decompress without the pressures of everything else in your life.

I used to play "Bejewled" while listening to "This American Life" to relax. Now I knit while listening to "Stash and Burn" and "Knit Science." And it feels so good. Knitting is what I do to relax. and it makes me feel good. It is my casual game.

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Spatial Stitches said...

I don't know if knitting is my casual gaming. I recently rediscovered my old Gameboy so I actually have been "gaming" although I don't know that Frogger and Space Invaders count as gaming.