Friday, August 22, 2008

Bramble On, again!

Wow, I can't believe how unimaginative I am sometimes. When it comes to making scarves for men, there is only one scarf I feel confident in. This Bramble Stitch scarf is my go-to. And I love it. The subtle bumps make a nice geometric pattern, more like a texture than a bobble. And the wrong side is a nice, flat linen-like stitch that is perfectly presentable. No fringe needed. Plus it's fun and easy to knit. Total in-front-of-the-tv material. Even stitch-n-bitch worthy. And this is two evening's worth of knitting and I'm about 1/4 finished.

I've made at LEAST 4 of these scarves already, each with very different yarns. It worked nicely in the Mountain Colors Merino Ribbon yarn for a lacy effect, but I do like it most in a nice thick wool. This is Valley Yarns' Stockbridge 50/50 Alpaca and Wool. I'm pretty excited about Alpaca right now.

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